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Posted on 5/29/23

To ensure full transparency i will be showing the encryption code for the remind command (the important privacy stuff).

The Code
The Code Explained

Now what this is doing is using 5 keys to get it encrypted which i will now explain

key 1

key 1 is the text you input, so for example if i set a reminder to "walk the dog" that is the first key


bot.user.id is the bots discord user id

key 2

key 2 is the user who did the commands discord id


readtoken reads the bots token and uses it to encrypt the payload as the final "key" so to speak

Final Notes

If you want to learn more about this encryption you can here and here

Why does this matter

it matters to show that we truly do not want to see what you are reminding yourself of. I set a reminder just now, and the plaintext value is "text": "U2FsdGVkX1+R9cQ3n9x8bPvKdx2ZdvYJnwK+m/M6RkrNYXLT+mPxsmsk/jJtPrz9". If you have any questions you can find a way to contact us on our contact page.

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